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Survivable Communications and Autonomous Delivery Service

June 20, 17:30-20:00 Engineers Australia South Australia

DST's Mathew Elliot will present on the Survivable Communications and Autonomous Delivery Service (SCADS), an autonomous swarming framework that supports 'data-ferrying' to allow the exchange of user information when end-to-end connectivity cannot be achieved.

Engineers Australia Presentation: Towards Identifying the Somerton Man

March 19, 17:30-19:00 Engineers Australia South Australia

The Somerton Man was found dead on Somerton Beach, South Australia in 1948. The mystery is that over 70 years later no one has been able to identify the man. This talk will begin by quickly reviewing the mystery and then will describe how the numerous skills of an electrical engineer (eg. imaging, cryptography, use of conditional probability, bioinformatics, and software engineering) can be utilised to bring us closer to a solution, and also providing us with tools that can be of assistance with the problem of human identification in general.

Black Box Lecture—Space Debris

March 7, 13:30-14:30 DST Fishermans Bend

Heavens what a mess! Understanding and dealing with the problem of space debris. Alumni are invited to a Black Box lecture, presented by Fulbright Distinguished Chair, Professor William P. Schonberg who will explore the issue of space debris—where it comes from, how much of it there is and the risks it presents.

Presentation by Dr Paul Miller—Knowing Me Not Knowing You: An Obfuscation-Resilient Discriminative Adversarial Network

December 12, 10:30-11:30 DST Edinburgh

Dr Miller will present on a novel Android malware detection system using deep learning that successfully classifies both obfuscated and unobfuscated apps as either benign or malicious.