Alumni assisting research

Alumnus Gary Ewing participating in the study

Alumni recently took the opportunity to participate in a research project at DST Edinburgh.

Psychology Honours students in conjunction with DST's Biometrics Team conducted two experiments: one study aiming to understand the accuracy of human age estimation using facial imagery and the second to understand how different methods of presenting information can impact on performance when making judgements about whether two people are related.

Pictured is Gary Ewing with Honours student Gemma (age estimation study) and standing are Honours students Tom (child and adult face matching study) and Brianna (sibling detection study), and Masters/PhD student (and contractor) Jess—all of whom work with the Biometrics team within National Security and Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance Division.

This contribution is very much appreciated by the DST researchers, and we expect to offer further opportunities in the future.

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Alumni news
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June 28, 2018